These are the openings for the major storylines of the upcoming Altana game. They are all optional as the characters may decide to ignore them all and just do their own thing. Each storyline is based around one of the races on Altana.


A statue of Sarah Maelstrom has appeared in Thunder Node Square in the heart of the Human capital of Landfall. Evidence indicates that a group of able bodied humans was formed almost immediately to tear it back down. When the constables arrived on the scene, the statue remained, but the square was bathed in blood and body parts and shattered life crystals. A male figure dressed in worn leather clothing with a hood and oddly glowing yellow eyes was spotted at the fringe of the scene and heard to say “Now that was interesting,” but vanished into the night before the constables could take him into custody.


A new Red Hand Saurian student is joining the Academy at the start of the second semester. Her name is Sings-the-Scars. She was hatched in Escape-Pod-Landing-Zone, but has spent the last half of her life in Dreadnaught with the rest of the ensouled Saurians. Other Saurians seem to give her a wide birth.


A new Douketsu Neko student is joining the Academy at the start of the second semester. Her name is Kuri, and she is transferring in from a ninja school in Honbatoshi, Minzoku’s capital city. She is the Stealth Mistress’s niece (a relationship which means very little to Neko).


Something is amiss in the swamps of southern Patrie. Unusual weather patterns and disappearances have been reported with increasing frequency. Do to the area’s proximity to the border, many Arbre are coming to suspect the Meeyl are responsible.


Orian and Miki have both left the school. Bialy, Miki’s adoptive father, has resigned his position in the embassy and transferred back home to Dommiasto, Wiejski’s capital city. Wiejski itself, and its monarchy, is chaffing under Neko rule. An insurgency is threatened with or without the support of King Gerik.


The Senate of Fathers in Chora’s capital of Katoikia is experiencing an unusually high turnover rate as many of the fathers who favor harmonious existence with the other races are being killed off through various means, including ambushes, assassinations, and even poisoning. Historically this sort of political maneuvering in Chora often leads to internal civil war or external campaigns of aggression.


There is a new cultural instructor at the Academy. His name is Donovan, and he is a Meeyl of the Seangan bloodline, born and raised in Baile, Tir’s capital city. His clothing is entirely black, as well as his eyes and hair, marking him as strongly connected to Diel. This is the same Meeyl that helped heal Colin when he was suffering for a particularly tenacious Anatheman infection.


The Volkin beastmen of the border ranges between Staat and Minzoku have become disturbingly organized and well-equipped and have started concerted raiding into Northwest Staat near its capital of Heimstadt. So far deaths have been few, with the Volkin mostly focused on stealing food and raw materials such as workable iron, but there is a growing sense of alarm at the brazenness of these attacks as the situation in Chora to the south destabilizes.


Rumors are flying around school about Vincent’s Dungeon. Fabulous prizes are being offered to the first team from the school to defeat all its obstacles, traps, and monsters. Apparently, there will be no prizes for second place.


The Congress of Faithful is working hard to select a new pontiff to rebuild the Vanist Church. One cardinal, a Ptak named Bendek with flaming red and yellow feathers, is rapidly gaining support on a platform of exterminating the evils that infect the lands.



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