Eight Essential Elements

Altana is a world defined by eight essential elements mixed together in varying degrees in all things.  Even actions are said to be flavored by the elements.  To understand the mysticism of Altana, you must begin with the most fundamental comprehension of how these elements behave towards each other.

Element Color Attribute Art Patron Diety Races
Fire Red Strength Combat Banu Human Earth Born, all Saurians (especially Black Hunt), Neko Ryoushi, all Meeyl (especially Seangan), all Tavros (especially Fotia), Barin Getrank, Arbre Branche, Ptak Sloneczny
Ice Cyan Intellect Lore Xati all Humans (especially Sea Born), Saurian White Crest, Neko Ryoushi, Meeyl Damhan, Tavros Petra, Barin Tanz, all Arbre (especially Feuille), all Ptak (especially Snieg)
Wind Green Agility Survival Sase Human Sky Born, all Saurians (especially Blue Egg), all Neko (especially Arashi), Meeyl Foillican, Tavros Anemos, Barin Tanz, Arbre Branche, all Ptak (especially Szkwal)
Stone Yellow Vitality Athletics Garo Human Earth Born, Saurian Red Hand, Neko Arashi, Meeyl Cartan, all Tavros (especially Petra), all Barin (especially Erzahlung), Arbre Racine, Ptak Sloneczny
Thunder Violet Dexterity Engineering Zake all Humans (especially Sky Born), Saurian Red Hand, all Neko (especially Kesshou), all Meeyl (especially Foillican), Tavros Fotia, Barin Trommel, Arbre Seve, Ptak Snieg
Water Blue Mind Biorhythms Nali Human Sea Born, Saurian Blue Egg, Neko Douketsu, Meeyl Cartan, Tavros Nero, all Barin (especially Getrank), all Arbre (especially Seve), Ptak Szkwal
Light White Charisma Culture Vana Human Dragon Born, Saurian White Crest, Neko Kesshou, Meeyl Seangan, Tavros Nero, Barin Erzahlung, Arbre Feuille, Ptak Zorza
Dark Black Perception Larceny Diel Human Dragon Born, Saurian Black Hunt, Neko Douketsu, Meeyl Damhan, Tavros Anemos, Barin Trommel, Arbre Racine, Ptak Zorzal

Predators and Prey

Elements interact with each other in a cyclical fashion. Fire defeats Ice. Fire is weak to Water. All the way around the circle, with only Light and Dark being diametrically opposed as both each others prey and predator.

  • Fire defeats Ice
  • Ice defeats Wind
  • Wind defeats Stone
  • Stone defeats Thunder
  • Thunder defeats Water
  • Water defeats Fire
  • Light defeats Dark
  • Dark defeats Light

Simple and Complex

The elements are divided into two groups. The Simple group contains such elements as can be commonly found anywhere: Fire, Wind, Water, and Stone. They correspond to the four phases of matter. It has been identified that natural nonsentient beasts pay heed to those four.

The Complex group contains such elements as can be considered to be manifest by common thoughts and cultural bias: Light, Thunder, Ice, and Dark. They correspond to such beliefs that are important to the people who work within this framework of metaphysics.

The two groups are closely tied to each other: Light shines from Fire, Thunder is carried by Wind, Ice is born from cold Water, and Dark is found under Stone.

Eight Essential Elements

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